Melco Conveyor Equipment | Case Studies
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Case Studies

The Melco Anti-runback conveyor roller is a uni-directional roller, fitted with a patented internal device designed to prevent an inclined conveyor from running backwards in the event of a belt break.

The Melco Automatic Roller Assembly Machine: Ensuring more consistent, safer, faster roller assembly; providing even lower TIR

Conveyor loading zones are a challenging part of conveyor design and maintenance.  Conveyed product may fall onto the conveyor as large lump sizes and from high fall heights resulting in impact wear to conveyor belts and damage to impact idlers and excessive spillage in this zone.  Impact beds are designed to provide appropriate absorption of impact loadings.

Melco manufactures steel and HDPE Supreme conveyor idler rollers according to the standards of SANS 1313

Rulmeca Motorized pulleys give significant advantages over conventional drive systems.  Suited to bulk material conveyors where efficiency and low maintenance are required.

Conveyor idler roller sealing systems are an essential part of the design and performance of the roller in its part of a conveyor system.