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Components required for typical underground structure can be supplied as tubular or channel sectioned items and designed for roof or floor mounted units.
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Underground Modular Structures

Melco’s Underground Modular Structures is used primarily in underground operations for rapid assembly where conveyors need to be extended in a short amount of time. Conveyors are installed in narrow tunnels often with uneven floors. The Melco modular designs can consider a variety of specifications and usually consist of:


  • Stool or H-Frame – often as adjustable design
  • In a floor mounted or roof hung
  • Inner legs in a variety of lengths
  • Stringers as tubular, channel section or lip channel depending on the loading stringers are connected to stool cleats using bolts or pins.
  • Belt widths from 600 mm to 1800 mm
  • Module lengths usually from 3000 to 4500 mm
  • Numerous varieties of carry idlers including 3 or 5 roll, top mounted or underslung, garland or fixed
  • Return idlers as flat or V configuration, integrated into stool or separate frame mounted onto the stool or all module components can be supplied as painted or galvanized.


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