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Melco is an established conveyor roller manufacturer in South Africa that manufactures idler frames and supplies motorized pulleys.
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Melco is a well-established conveyor roller manufacturer and supplier in South Africa. In addition to supplying high quality standardised conveyor equipment, we design and manufacture a vast range of conveyor idler rollers in various sizes and configurations as per client specification.  All our rollers are manufactured according to SANS 1313 or other International standards.

We have the following conveyor rollers available:

The Melco rollers are manufactured using quality materials and components and in a SANS 1313 Part 1 and part 3 and an ISO 9001:2008 accredited factory to ensure excellent product quality.

Correct design of rollers for your application will ensure that required L10 bearing life is achieved.

Shaft ends

Melco rollers can be manufactured in a large range of diameters, length and shaft series as well as with a variety of shaft end designs as required.

shaft ends

What makes the Melco rollers top quality?


Melco has the option of two sealing systems that are designed for specific operating conditions.

Contactless sealing system

Lowest drag and breakaway mass.

The seal is a multi-part labyrinth seal that ensures that any dirt has to follow a long path to the bearing. The contactless design gives an extremely low running resistance.

This seal is ideally used for standard and long overland conveyors where low running resistance is important with less exposure to water and dirt.

Hermetic Sealing System

Optimal drag with better sealing.

The seal is a multi-labyrinth system the same as the contactless seal with the addition of a lip-style contact seal to provide a positive seal to water and dirt ingress.

This seal is designed for plant or shorter conveyors and loading zones which are often subjected to dirt and water and high pressure washing.

Flinger seals

In addition to the internal labyrinth seals, an external rubber “flinger” seal may be added for additional sealing especially to deflect washing water.


Melco uses high quality and tested bearings in conveyor rollers.

Bearings are usually deep groove ball bearings and can be supplied as open, ZZ shielded bearings or 2RS bearings. The seal on the bearing should be considered in conjunction with the internal seal design.


In most rollers, Melco uses turn-back bearing housings. This high tolerance roller component is important to ensure bearing alignment.


Melco rollers use high quality and tolerance Conveyor tube according to SANS 657 Part 3. The use of high quality tube is important for roller TIR.


Melco rollers are assembled by manual process for smaller quantities or on the automated Roller Assembly Machine for larger quantities.


Roller are standard painted by electrostatic process or manually in Melco green. This provides protection for transportation and initial site storage. Where required rollers can be painted with a variety of paint specifications for harsh operating conditions.



Melco rollers are manufactured to high quality standards that translate into better performance in operation.

Two key measures of roller quality as per SANS 1313 are Breakaway mass and Running resistance.

Breakaway mass

“The breakaway mass shall not exceed 250 g”  (SANS 1313 Part 3, Par 8.5)

Data below for series 25 and series 30 rollers shows that the average breakaway mass of Melco rollers is 47g which is significantly lower than the standard of 250g.

This translates to lower start-up power required.

Breakaway mass

Running friction force

SANS 1313 Part 3, Par 8.3 notes the following allowable running friction force.

Running friction force

Melco’s average running friction of 0.99 N is significantly better than the allowable 2.7 N. This translates to a lower power requirement on a running conveyor.

avarage running friction

Rollers are manufactured in a modern factory.

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