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Melco School of Belting Conveying is committed to educating clients on the correct operational procedures to accompany their conveyor systems.
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Melco School of Belt Conveying

Melco offers the Melco School of Belting Conveying to familiarise clients on the optimal and safe use of conveyor systems.


The training includes training on best practices for personnel when using the conveyor systems as well as step-by-step instructions using everyday scenarios that the personnel might face in using conveyors.

Where is the training held?

Training can be conducted at the Melco Training Center which includes a Melco factory tour, or at the clients’ facility or mine.

Where possible, the training includes specific observations from the client’s operation from a survey conducted on site.

Training Duration

The duration of the training can be anywhere from 2 hours to a full day of training.

What does the training entail?

The training includes valuable information on topics such as:

  • Safety around conveyors
  • The correct use of the various conveyor components that make up the conveyor system
  • Solving common conveyor problems (including belt alignment and spillage)
  • An overview of Melco products and product advancements

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