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Melco Conveyors’ motorized pulleys include the motor, gearbox and couplings totally enclosed inside the drive pulley.
motorized pulley,
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Motorized Pulleys

Rulmeca Motorized pulleys give significant advantages over conventional drive systems. Suited to bulk material conveyors where efficiency and low maintenance are required.


The Motorized Pulleys have the motor and gearbox contained within the drive pulley which gives the following advantages


  • IMPROVED SAFETY – Only external drum in motion. Stationary shaft with no external motors, gearboxes or couplings.
  • LESS POWER – High efficiency motor and gearbox design resulting in lower losses.
  • LOW NOISE – Enclosed design results in lower noise.
  • LOWER MAINTENANCE – Motor and gearbox enclosed in hermetically sealed pulley.
  • SPACE SAVING – No additional external parts give compact and balanced drive pulley.
Diameters 138 mm to 1000 mm
Power 0.1 kW to 250 kW
Belt speed 0.04 m/s to 5.5 m/s
Voltage 115V to 1000V
Phase Single and three phase
Frequency 50 & 60 Hz
VFD Controllable Soft start

Pulleys are manufactured by Rulmeca in Germany View more Rulmeca Motorized Pulleys her.

A case study demonstrating a 14.3% saving on electricity.


Space saving

A typical conveyor with no additional motors or gearboxes, the totally enclosed Rulmeca Motorized pulley has a smaller footprint. This is especially useful where access around the conveyor is limited or the drive pulley is at the end of a cantilevered gantry and momentum caused by off-centre loads can be problematic.


Motorized Pulley design and construction are thoroughly tested under full load to ensued optimal performance and life.


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