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Supreme HDPE Rollers

Melco’s HDPE SUPREME Conveyor Rollers are designed to provide a longer operating life than steel rollers, especially in dirty and wet conditions.


Designed to handle the same capacity as an equivalent steel roller, the SUPREME provides a non-corrosive shell and additional static face sealing system to further limit the ingress of dirt.


Melco SUPREME rollers have been used extensively on conveyors transporting abrasive sand, iron ore, gold and platinum ore and coal.
The Melco SUPREME can be supplied in many lengths and in a range of diameter and shaft combinations.


*Also available in anti-runback for inclined conveyors.


Learn more about the construction and quality of Melco’s rollers.

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Size availability


Diameter (mm) Shaft series (mm)
102 25
114 25
127 25
133 25
152 25, 30, 40
159 25, 30, 40
178 40

V3 Version

In cold and wet conditions, the V3 version is selected to prevent ice accumulation inside the outer seal cavities.

The stone guard is replaced with a cover cap and a flinger seal added for additional sealing.

Lower mass

The SUPREME roller is lighter than an equivalent steel roller making for safer handling especially on larger rollers. The lower rotating mass reduces the start-up torque required for the conveyor.

Steel HDPE % Change % Change
Roller Size Total Mass Rotating Mass Total Mass Rotating Mass  Mass Rotating Mass
127/340/25 6.8 5.5 5.3 4.0 -22% -37%
127/390/25 7.5 6.0 5.9 4.4 -21% -36%
152/450/30 12.2 9.7 10.6 8.1 -13%  -19%
152/560/30 14.4 11.3 12.5 9.4 -13% -20%
152 127 diam
Belt speed St HDPE Diff Steel HDPE Diff
4,2 m/sec 78 65.5 12.5 74.6 65.5 9.1
3,2 m/sec 73 62.5 11 67.3 62.5 4.8
1,2 m/sec 54 52.8 1.7 53.6 51.5 2.1

Quieter roller

Conveyor noise is an environmentally sensitive issue. The HDPE rollers have a significantly lower noise emission than steel rollers. Rollers have been tested in a dedicated acoustic chamber at Rulmeca in Germany.


A coal operation in South Africa was building a 21 km Overland Conveyor. This conveyor needed to operate with minimal noise as it passed a settlement.

Melco used 178mm diameter x 40mm series (6308 bearings) on this conveyor.

The rollers were tested at Rulmeca Germany to ensure that they met the client’s specification for noise.

37 000 Melco HDPE SUPREME rollers were supplied to this project.

Please contact us with regards to the HDPE Supreme requirements

Shaft Ends


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    *Shaft diameter

    Gauge length

    Total shaft length

    Shaft ends

    Across flats

    Slot Width

    SANS Sizes

    Belt Width




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