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Melco is a conveyor product manufacturer that manufactures idler rollers and frames in a dedicated factory in Germiston near Johannesburg, Gauteng in South Africa.


The factory consists of 14 000 m² of factory space equipped with advanced modern machines to ensure that quality frames and rollers can be produced in large quantities.


Melco is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited factory.


The modern equipment in the factory ensures:

  • Worker safety
  • Quality products
  • High volumes of manufactured product


The Melco factory is separated into two production areas:

  • Roll shop : Manufacturing of idler rollers
  • Repetitive fabrication (Rep Fab): Manufacturing of idler frames and conveyor


In addition to the manufacturing sections, there are also packing, logistics, and painting and storage areas.

Roller shop

For the manufacture of various conveyor idler rolls including steel, HDPE SUPREME and impact and disc return rollers.

There is a great variety of rollers manufactured. Depending on the type, complexity and quantity of rollers being manufactured, various automatic and manual machines are used to ensure repeatable quality of rollers.

Some of the more advanced machines are as follows:

Automatic shafting machine

Roller shafts are machined in a single NC machine for all operations including length, bearing seat, circlip groove, slots and date stamps.

Bearing housing press

The quality and manufacturing tolerances of roller bearing housings is essential to roller quality, especially TIR and bearing alignment. This is an 800 tonne multistage press ensuring high tolerances.

Roller Assembly Machine (RAM)

The automatic machine assembles rollers including bearings and seals and online greasing. Every roller is tested for TIR, axial float and running resistance.

Electrostatic Paint bay

For application of protective paint layer for transportation and storage.

Repetitive fabrication (Rep Fab): 


Manufacturing of idler frames and conveyor

A large variety of frames, components and structure is made in this factory.

Depending on the type, complexity and quantity of frames or items being manufactured, various automatic and manual machines and operations are used to ensure repeatable quality.

Some of the more advanced machines are as follows:

Plasma Cutter

To manufacture high definition components in a variety of complex shapes

Bending machine

Precision bending of components.

Plasma pipe cutter

For precision cutting of long pipe sections and hole cutting.

Robotic Welders

For high volumes of standard frames, robotic welders give accurate and repeatable results.

Other manufacturing areas are also used as required.

Welding bays

For medium quantity and larger frames, welding bays are used.

Boiler shop

The boiler shop manufactures the first off frames from which high precision jigs are made for robotic welders or welding bays.

Small quantity frames or frames that are complex are manufactured in the Boiler Shop.

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