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Sajaro Projects

Sajaro Projects

Registered as a Company at the beginning of 2009, the overall purpose of Sajaro is to provide cleaning, painting, gardening services and logistics with a specific focus on the Germiston and Dukathole areas.
Sajaro founder, Laura Mavimbela, started the company by running a campaign called ’Keep Germiston Clean‘, using unemployed people from the Dukathole Community to provide their services.

Sajaro’s vision is to create employment through gaining business in its focus areas, as well as to provide the best possible service to clients.

Sajaro provides transport and logisctics services to Melco. Sajaro has recently bought a third truck and now distributes Melco products to customers on a daily basis.

Sajaro’s pilot project which started at Melco has now proved to be extremely successful.

Sajaro currently has a BEE Level 1 rating, which is 100% black-owned, and currently employs 6 staff members who service Melco’s requirements.